New Title – “An assessment of the extent to which the CJEU’s interpretation of free movement of goods and free movement of persons has converged”

Existing literature[1] on the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has proved that there is a convergence of market freedoms in the Court’s judgements. Yet the data supporting this argument were recorded up until 2010. Hence, by reviewing a selection of the Court’s judgements from beyond 2010, this research aims to test whether the theory of convergence continues to stand, with special focus on the free movement of goods and the free movement of persons. To provide an applicable framework for such assessment, this paper will begin with recapitulating the progressive formation of the European Union, its consecutive steps taken by the European Community, through which market freedoms were created, facilitating market access to citizens of all Member States. The theory of ‘European integration’ will be consulted, when analysing the convergence of market freedoms. It will also help illustrate how the concept of European citizenship may have, over the years, contributed to the convergence. The empirical part of this research will focus on the Court’s judgements in the most recent years, so as to fulfil the research goal, conducting an up-to-date analysis to test the theory of convergence. In the last part of this research, a conclusion will be drawn up regarding the applicability of the said theory.

[1] K.J.M. Mortelmans, ‘Towards A Convergence Of The Application Of The Rules On Free Movement And Competition?’ (2001) 2001 Common Market Law Review and Alina Tryfonidou, ‘Further Steps On The Road To Convergence Among The Market Freedoms’ [2010] European Law Review

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