New York Welcomes SmartStudy, One-stop Education Institution from China

On September 20th, the opening ceremony of SmartStudy’s New York VIP Learning Centre which is jointly founded by SmartStudy Education & Technology Group and Tumeibian Group was held as scheduled in Manhattan. SmartStudy Education & Technology Group, known as SmartStudy, featuring both its distinguishing Chinese characteristics and high-tech online education, is the first Chinese education institution that set up its branch learning centre and company in the US. The very first branch is known as Boston SmartStudy VIP Learning Centre, which was founded in November, 2016 and has won great popularity locally ever since due to its high quality service.

Xiaoliang Wei, the co-founder and CEO of SmartStudy, Zhaonan Wang, the CEO of American Overseas Students Services Group, Mei He, the CEO of China Foreign Union Overseas Advisory Group, as well as chairmen of education institutions in New York attended the ceremony, warmly congratulating Mr. Wei on the opening of SmartStudy’s New York learning centre.

Xiaoliang Wei delivered a speech at the press conference. Xiaoliang Wei graduated from Xi’an Jiaotong University, System Engineering Institute, where he focused on artificial intelligence, machine learning, data mining algorithm, and robotic visual tracking technology.

Mr. Wei is convinced that SmartStudy’s New York learning centre will provide excellent services for the foreign students, Chinese groups and local students in New York. The reason why he has chosen New York as the second stop of SmartStudy is that New York is a place where many Chinese people live in the US and has a very promising market in the international education industry.

What makes SmartStudy intelligent and special?

1. Flipped classroom

Besides providing the students with high-quality training for language tests and international education tests including TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, GRE, GMAT, etc., SmartStudy has also introduced “flippedclassroom” from the US, which has also become very popular in China in recent years.

Different from traditional classrooms, flipped classroom requires students to watch videos well designed by experienced teachers and make full preparation before they start the class, and then discuss the difficult and important content with teachers in depth and solve problems with the guidance of the teachers. Flipped classroom proves to be a very effective way to learn, which can greatly motivate and inspire students.

In the flipped classroom of SmartStudy, the teachers, about 80% of whom graduated from top universities in the world, correct students’ homework word for word either from long-distance or face to face, which are highly recommended by both students and their parents. SmartStudy will continue and improve this mode by establishing the base of recruiting and training foreign teachers in the US. Extraordinary foreign teachers will serve the domestic teachers and students by means of live broadcasting video of long-distance teaching as well as participating in the research and development of SmartStudy’s high-quality courses. In this way, the progress of SmartStudy made in New York will in return further improve its teaching and researching. Thus, SmartStudy will benefit from its global distribution.

SmartStudy never stops making progress. So far, SmartStudy has cooperated with 77 high schools, 44 universities and 6 elementary schools in the US, sharing its teaching methods and philosophy with the American schools and learning from them at the same time.

Actually, SmartStudy has now become the internship base for American colleges and universities, which provides good opportunities for graduates to practice their teaching skills. Besides, SmartStudy also works with its American partners to provide teaching training and summer camp for many international schools in China.

What’s more, SmartStudy always dedicates itself to creating a friendly and relaxing atmosphere for the students. Obviously, SmartStudy values students’ wellbeing. Cafes, gyms, and counseling rooms are all available here. Thus, students can enjoy coffee, chatting and exercising with their fellow students and teachers in the spare time.

2. One-stop Service

According to a recent report by Open Doors, there are 350,000 Chinese students who are studying in the US at present. Due to the trend that more and more Chinese students are planning to study in the US, SmartStudy has become the pioneer to meet the students’ demands for international education training.

To save students’ time and help students with the difficulties they meet in study and daily life, SmartStudy offers one-stop service including services in study management, legal and financial issues, daily life, vocational advice, social and marriage issues, medical service, entry and exit service and traveling service, which covers almost every aspect of students’ life in the US.

For example, if a student wants to see a doctor and needs accompany, SmartStudy’s experts can go with him. From airport picking-up, house renting, school selecting, to legal issues, SmartStudy provides professional and considerate service for students. Before Chinese students go back to Chinaafter their study, they can also obtain valuable and practical professional training in SmartStudy.

3. Traditional Chinese Culture

To meet American people’s increasing demand for learning Chinese and traditional Chinese culture, SmartStudy also shoulders the responsibility for promoting Chinese traditional culture. Therefore, SmartStudy provides American students with first-class English courses about Chinese culture, which also include appreciating English versions of Chinese famous ancient works such as The Analects of Confucius, The Tao Te Ching and so on. A series of activities with the theme of Sinology will be held, such as tasting the famous Hot Pot and celebrating traditional Chinese festivals, aiming to tell Chinese stories to the world.

Just as XiaoLiang Wei, the CEO of SmartStudy, has mentioned, SmartStudy has made and will keep making efforts to sharing high quality education resources. At home and abroad, SmartStudy has made great endeavors to let more people enjoy high quality education by sharing its resources. Cooperating with each other, SmartStudy and its partners can enjoy each other’s education and teaching resources so as to become better and stronger.

All in all, SmartStudy satisfies all the demands of Chinese students studying in the US. It makes sure that students enjoy high quality education and also helps students to be more mature and independent so as to better adapt to the life in a foreign country. Apart from that, SmartStudy promotes learning Chinese and Chinese traditional culture and customs. One thing for sure is that SmartStudy will continue with its expansion of global contribution.


SOURCE: SmartStudy

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