Humaniq Opens New US Office in Silicon Valley

Humaniq, the Ethereum-based blockchain banking app offering financial inclusion solutions for the unbanked, just opened a new office space in San Francisco, following a successful pre-seed funding campaign that reached nearly 12,000 participants and surpassed $5.2 Million.

This development will intensify the capacity of Humaniq to accelerate its global social impact by working alongside leading organizations and influencers in San Francisco. Additionally, the move will capacitate world-class technologists in finding solutions to fundamental global issues facing humanity.

“Humaniq’s new US HQ in Silicon Valley allows us to be a piece of the powerful technological puzzle that has produced success after success in numerous areas of Industry 4.0.,” said Humaniq CEO, Dinis Guarda. “With a footprint in California, Humaniq will be able to share its vision of empowering the unbanked using technology while enlisting unparalleled genius from the vibrant and successful business community.”

The office, which opened on May 3, will house a small research and business development team including Senior Advisor Lene Schulze, a thought leader, business developer, and strategist. Lene has worked around the world but been based in San Francisco for the past 13 years where she has advised and accelerated numerous startups’ growth through platforms such as and Nordic Innovation House. She has assisted many large corporations in the digital transformation and other innovation processes through innovation centers she has established for Monitor Deloitte Nordic, 42 Associates and the Danish government in Silicon Valley.

The office will also have the support of Humaniq senior Advisors: veteran technology expert and investor Patrick Chung and the director of Groupe INSEEC San Francisco Ron Morris, an expert in education and innovation who has been developing relationships with industry and academic thought leaders in Europe and the US for over a decade.

“I am excited to welcome and introduce a truly purpose-driven startup, Humaniq to San Francisco” said Lene Schulze, Senior advisor at Humaniq. “There are significant developments in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space happening right here in Silicon Valley that Humaniq will have to stay connected to and not least there are many potential partners who could be crucial in reaching the grand goal of helping 1 billion unbanked”.

Headquartered in Luxembourg, with offices in London, Humaniq aims to tap into innovation around the world. Home to globally recognized technology corporations such as Facebook, Apple, Adobe Systems, eBay, Tesla Motors, Intel, and Netflix, the San Francisco Bay Area was a clear choice. San Francisco, in particular, is an ideal home for transformational business start ups with tremendous potential for social impact, making it the perfect ecosystem for Humaniq’s US headquarters.

“Given the breadth and might of American brands, products, and proficiency, the U.S. was the clear option as we pursued a home for our first office outside of Europe,” said Alex Fork, Founder of Humaniq. “This development gives us an opportunity to be a part of a world-class environment that caters to entrepreneurs and small businesses, and welcomes our mission of social impact and banking the unbanked.”

This expansion into the U.S. with a new office signals the continued momentum behind Humaniq as an organization and as a movement in developing banking 4.0 as well as using blockchain for social good. It will also allow Humaniq to demonstrate the potential uses of its technologies, and the significant opportunities of doing so for startups, foundations, and a wide variety of businesses in the Bay Area ecosystem.

Our base is global, national and now regional, which allows our entire organization to benefit from our new presence in San Francisco,” said Humaniq Executive Chairman, Dmitry Kaminskiy. “We have a powerful startup undergoing natural development and we look forward to watching Humaniq grow in size and impact.

SOURCE: Humaniq


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