International Investors Flock to “China’s Center of Big Data” to Sign Big Contracts

“Cross-border Investment and Trade Fair, Guizhou Inland Opening-up Pilot Economic Zone, China, 2016″ opened on Thursday. Guizhou Province closed 193 deals for investment and trade cooperation projects in over 24 countries and regions, such as the U.S., U.K. and Russia, totalling 144.97 billion RMB (about 21.3 billion USD). Communities of industry and commerce in various countries focused on this event with great enthusiasm. Over 700 business leaders from enterprises in 38 countries and regions gathered at the fair. As the overseas promotion partner of this event, provided extensive and in-depth coverage of this event for its overseas promotion.

In the 193 deals, 109 of which are investment cooperation projects worth 106.18 billion RMB, 84 were trade cooperation projects worth 38.79 billion RMB. Among these, 26 projects worth 44.31 RMB were dealt with on the spot at the opening ceremony.

Guizhou Province is located in the southwest of China. It has witnessed great economic development in the past few years. In 2015, the GDP of Guizhou surpassed one trillion RMB and the economic development speed has topped the list of provincial development in the nation five years in a row, setting a good example for areas in western China to “catch up as a latecomer”. In 2016, Guizhou has turned into a national pilot zone for big data, inland opening-up economy and ecological civilisation, building exceptional momentum for future development.

Kirk Wilson, the executive director of Chinese region at China-Britain Business Council, in an interview with said that his purpose at the event is to evaluate and investigate the economic conditions, international investment environment and government policies personally and physically, so that he can tell his clients the details about Guizhou.

As for the reason why Guizhou appeals to enterprises so widely at home and abroad, Chen Wanqun, the Director of Economic Committee at Asia Events Fortune Forum, told that he believes Guizhou has unique development conditions as an inland opening-up economic pilot zone, especially in the planning of big data, public health and ecology. “Guizhou on the cloud”, the big data platform built up by local government, has attracted data centres of 11 ministries, over 10 industries and more than 20 enterprises to Guizhou. Daily page views have surpassed one billion. The first big data transaction centre has already been established here, and the number of registered institutions is up to 410 with total transaction volume reaching 70 million RMB. was established in November 2007 under the approval of People’s Daily and the State Council Information Office, with investments from both and Global Times. provides timely, accurate international information and in-depth analysis from a special perspective, which were widely distributed in the domestic and foreign media. is the most important provider of original content, professional overseas game distribution agency and the most influential overseas bilingual news portal in Chinese and English.


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